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Warner Bowls Club

2017 100 UP

Home Player to arrange Fixture and Marker

Both Players MUST verify and sign the Scorecard

Scorecard to be left in the Pavilion 

This Round to be Completed by June 9th

Rules of Competition:

Four nearest woods count: shot 4 pts, 2nd 3pts, 3rd 2 pts 4th 1 pt - max 10 per end

Jack cast/knocked out or cast/knocked in Ditch - 10 points away

Bowl delivered to ditch or out of bounds or if a bowl knocked out of bounds or in ditch - 10 points away

First to 100 wins. Near to 100, scores must be added bowl by bowl


100 UP - 1st round

Home Player Away player Result

Angela Green

Sue Svendsen

George Gray

Dennis Jupp

Jeff Henshaw

David Phipps

John Hawkes

George Clarke

Sandie Jupp

Graham Stone

Anne Jee

David Carpenter

Di McLeod

Jim Cox

John Biddle

Ross Silver

Mair Rees

Tiger Carpenter

Roger Moyse

Peter Svendsen

Steve Rothwell

Pete Swinfield

BYES in this round

Caroline Henshaw, Peter Pickworth, Dennis Jee, Sylvie Brown, Tom Dimsdale